I don’t get libertarians….

28 May

I have several friends who call themselves libertarians, one who keeps sending me anti-Obama stuff. Now, the way I understand it, libertarians are conservative on economic issues, but liberal on social issues. That’s cool, but what gets me is all the libertarians I know tend to vote for republicans all the time.

Now usually values trumps economics. This is why a lot of poor people vote republican. Yes the republicans are usually extremely rich business people who don’t like anything that even smells of worker’s rights, but they’re also religious. Many of the poor people are very religious too, they see the “values” connection and vote for a block of people that usually screw them over. This is what happened with Bush twice. The poor religious people loved him and voted for him both times because he was a “compassionate conservative”.

Now if values trumps economics, you’d think that libertarians would vote for democrats the majority of the time, yet still be angry over the economic policies. Instead it seems like they vote their wallets and then forget about the social ramifications of electing conservatives.

Now I can understand how someone would want government to just stay our of just about everything, but I feel there are some situations in which government should step in. When it comes to social issues, I feel the government should only step in to prevent discrimination and disenfranchisement of a group of people. This includes keeping the government neutral, i.e. separation of church and state. The government shouldn’t be regulating what you can do in the privacy of your own home.

Economics is tricky though. This is where I would disagree with libertarians. The problem with money is that people use it to unbalance the political playing field along with everything else. To many economic conservatives, regulation is a four letter word. Yet when you take regulation away, you get shit like what the economy is suffering though now.

Thunderf00t mentions regulation in the below video around 3:20. The main point of the video is something else entirely, but he makes some good points about how regulation is needed because the free market has no natural mechanism to protect the people when the needs of the people are out-weighed by what is profitable.

Now do I like the idea of a welfare state? No. I don’t want my money going to support someone like octomom. I also don’t want my money being used by people who could normally be working. I am fine with my money going to help the sick and elderly, and to temporarily help someone pay their grocery or heating bill while they are honestly trying to find work. I’m fine with welfare to that extent. But to take government out of it entirely would lead to the same sick social darwinism of the late 19th/early 20th centuries.

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