Why I will never vote Republican

16 May

I saw a bumper sticker earlier today that really pissed me off. It said “RIP USA 1776-2009”. Give me a break. Just because the democrats won an election does not mean that the United States died. This got me thinking about this post.

There are a few reasons why I’ll never vote republican. While I am a white middle class male, I seldom identify with them. I’m not afraid of other races, and I have this radical idea that women are people too. I’m also not anti-intellectual, which is the most dumbfounding movement I’ve ever heard of, but that’s another post.

But it would be horrible naive and wrong of me to say that all republicans were angry white skinheads. Many people are republican for non social reasons, be it economic philosophy or their philosophy on government, which brings me to the main point of this post.

One of the biggest reasons I’ll never vote republican is that my philosophy on government disagrees with them. While I’m definitely not a statist I do think bigger government tends to be better than smaller government. Let me explain:

People’s rights are better protected in a nation with a wide diversity of constituents than they are in a nation with less diversity. If the government’s base is sufficiently large enough to cover a wide swath of people, then it is much harder for one group to completely oppress another. In essence, a tyranny of the majority is much harder to achieve.

In smaller governments, the opposite is true. With less diversity in the voting populace, a single block can gain power and oppress the minority. This concept works on all levels.

Now, it depends on person to person, but I feel a lot of republicans would like to abolish the constitution and the bill of rights, and go back to the articles of confederacy. They’d love it if individual states had complete power over their citizens, and only banded together in time of war. I guess it’s the mentality of “I don’t want somebody in Washington telling us how to run our state, what we can and can’t do in our own back yards!”

(I think the great irony is how conservatives rail against big government meddling in people’s lives, while at the same time they try and use it to impose their narrow ideas of sexual morality on the rest of the populace)

The problem is that if we went back to “states have all the power” the diversity of the voting populace would be greatly scaled back in every state. For example, while there might be a large population of Jews in New York, there might not be in Alabama. Thus the Jews in Alabama would have less voting power than the numerically superior Jews in NY. The principle is the same  for a variety of different groups.

If left to their own devices, many states have, and will continue to discriminate against particular groups. Just look at all the federal legislation that had to be written up to protect minorities in other states. The National Voting Rights Act of 1965 is a prime example. There are majorities in certain states that have a history of oppressing minorities. Without the federal government keeping them fair, these groups would continue to infringe upon minority rights.

Without big government blacks wouldn’t be able to vote in many states, Atheists would be banned from holding public office in many states, and women wouldn’t have the right to vote in several  states. Basically, if you aren’t a WASP (white, anglo-saxon, protestant) male you’d be shit out of luck. It will be interesting to see if republican change their views in 2050 when white people will become the minority. I wonder if they’ll become hypocrites in an attempt to use big government to secure their rights.

4 Responses to “Why I will never vote Republican”

  1. p of v May 16, 2009 at 1:27 pm #

    While I agree with you, I’m a little confused over the term, “big government”. The government didn’t magically shrink under Reagan, it certainly expanded a great deal under Bush 43. They were supposed to be against “big government, at least according to their rhetoric.

  2. godlesspaladin May 16, 2009 at 1:32 pm #

    Yeah, you have a good point. It expanded under both presidents, but I’d attribute that to the individual presidents who don’t always follow party rhetoric. Republicans claim to be the party of fiscal conservatism, but then GW took that and threw it out the window….

  3. Brian May 18, 2009 at 10:37 pm #

    Now, it depends on person to person, but I feel a lot of republicans would like to abolish the constitution and the bill of rights, and go back to the articles of confederacy.


    Where in the world did you get this idea? I haven’t even heard any fringe wahoo conservatives, the sort who think the Republicans are too wimpy to get the job done, advocate this. (Granted, I don’t spend much time around the fringe wahoos, so maybe I’m just not paying attention.)

    Most Republicans adore the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and want to see both upheld to older, firmer standards. I haven’t heard anybody even suggest in Republican circles that minorities or women shouldn’t be allowed to vote (though I do know there are folks out there who think like that). What I did hear was a lot of grumbling about John McCain having been half of the McCain-Feingold Act which many Republicans of a more libertarian bent see as a blatant violation of the 1st Amendment. Republicans are also the traditional champions of the 2nd Amendment, and were pretty much single-handedly responsible for passage of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments.

    Can you find some Republicans who have a few screws loose? Sure, just like you can find Democrats who hate capitalism and work to create a socialist utopia in the US. Or who think we need to abolish the internal combustion engine (Al Gore, I’m lookin’ at you).

  4. godlesspaladin May 19, 2009 at 10:31 am #

    Perhaps I just happen to be around more crazy wahoos. :-p As for the 2nd amendment, I differ there with the majority of liberals. As for the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments, I once heard a funny phrase about those three, “Democrats can’t believe Lincoln was a republican, and republicans can’t believe it either.” (or something to that effect)

    While yes, republicans were responsible for those amendments, modern day republicans aren’t the same. (unfortunately) I think its interesting that the modern day republican party has the majority of it’s base is the states of the old confederacy, the very states that fought against Lincoln’s republicans.

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