Why do I attract the crazies?

2 May

This really doesn’t have anything to do with my blog, but it was so weird that I just had to post it. Some guy in Austin TX posted this on my blog but my spam filter caught it.
I have to make it public. It’s suppose to be secret, however most people in Austin, Tx knows about it. The police department has machine that can read your mind. A machine that can read someone’s mind will be used to violate EVERYONE’S CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!!! It can also change the way you feel. Sexual impulses, anger, and paranoia are all feelings they can induce to you at their fingertips. This means it can cause a girl or boy to feel sexual, and get raped thinking they wanted to. Its like a drug. This is just one of the many crimes they commit with this machine RIGHT NOW!!!! They are using it right now to spy on their citizens RIGHT NOW!!! People will be spied on in there homes, without a warrant. (this means someone will be able to watch you during sex without your knowledge.) There are a lot of people all over the United States knowing about this machine. The police department is able to use it to spy on people in their own home. During interrogation they keep a person dazed, confused and not sound of mind to cohersed them into making certain statements. This is a violation of these people’s constitutional rights. Start thinking about how the government has given the police department a weapon to commit not only one of the biggest civil and constitutional rights violations of all time, but to commit war crimes such as rape, brainwashing, and toturing people without the victim’s knowledge. I know it is hard to believe, however if you happen to know someone in the police department who cares for you enough, just ask if they have a machine that can read and control people’s mind. After that, I would also like people to think about how we are able to get the government to stop letting the police department violate the people’s civil and constitutional rights, and committing war crimes against there own citizens. Major media companies have knowledge of this, but are not willing to broadcast it. People need to find out and talk about this issue.

This is ridiculous. I don’t think I need to say more.

2 Responses to “Why do I attract the crazies?”

  1. Bob May 7, 2009 at 9:49 pm #

    … Ok im not sure if a I really believe that.

    What evedince do you have? If this was real I am certain that in the 5 days since you have posted that it would have gotten pretty big. Something that can read your mind?

    A. That technology (if we have it) is extremely rare. Now you saying that police departments have that. Dude that is so a big movement that there is no way that it would not have a discussion in the white house and as you know everything in there is broadcasted.

    B. Something that can read you mind without being hooked up to your brain. That would mean it either.
    1. Analyzis body oders and looks at heat ratings and this is way different from reading your mind! Plus there is no way it could put thoughts in your head as effectively as you are saying.
    2. It broadcasts a signal and picks up your brain waves. This is a little bit more believeble. Since they wouldnt have to install it into some ones house or around some ones house if it had a long range. except for the fact as WE DONT HAVE THAT TECHNOLOGY. Not only that but if we did when it sent out signals for us to think of something. EVERYBODY would have that feeling.

    There is no way a breakthrough that large would not be broadcasted. With all of the hundreds of people out there whoa are crazy about human rights (bless there hearts) this would have hit the internet news paper and nearly everything else BIG TIME!

    Also think about this. Do you really think with all of the cops out there that are also big into human rights. Dont you think that a lot of them would have dropped out of the force (lets face it if I was serving to help protect my citizens and then turned out we were doing something this disgusting I would drop out or at least tell everyone) there would have been a huge cop dropout that WOULD have hit the news.

    Also I believe that the governmont is doing some pretty sick stuff. But something like this is something they would have to do extremely slowly. Because they would know that the secret would get out (as it would believe me) and hit everything big. In order to do this they would have to make a new building in every major city from which would actually be a disuise for what they were actually doing (this would probably be a plumbing buisness if they had ot install this building into your house) the governmont would also have to pay 10’s of BILLIONS of dollers. Trust me the governmont would want to be using the technology (if it even existed) to do more then moniter its citizens

    If they were using something this big and powerful to use on its citizens then they are stupid. Because this type of technology would be used to do other things FIRST. Then sure they might be doing what you are saying. And if they did these things first it is highly unlikely that we would not have heard that this technology EXISTS!

    This has to be one of dumbest theories I have ever heard. I have to say I believe in a lot of the things that you say but I also think that you go about SOME (not all) of the things quite wrong.

  2. Dustin Worthey October 8, 2009 at 2:46 am #

    Dude. Bob. Are you an idiot? He posted that because it was sent to him and it was absolutly ridicoulous. He was posting it to make fun of the idiot conspiricy theorist that came up with it. Pay attention for a change man.

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