What would you fight for?

1 May

Lately I’ve been getting the vibe that people feel having a strongly held opinion is uncool. The idea that you feel extremely passionately about something sorta scares them and turns them off. At least, I’ve noticed this within my religions class.

This really irks me. There is nothing wrong with feeling strongly about something. There is something wrong with not feeling strongly about anything. I can’t stand the people who are totally apathetic, the people who don’t really care about anything and what happens. These people deserve whatever outcome they get for their apathy.

I won’t say they don’t deserve their rights, because they are human beings and those rights are inalienable, but come on. I would fight and die for my rights, would you? The thing is, I’d fight and die for other people’s rights too.

The topic of abortion came up in my religion class the other day. This is a topic I feel extremely passionate about. For me, it’s an issue of a human being’s sovereignty over their own body. I’m not a woman, but I would fight and die to make sure women retained the right to control their own bodies.

I tried not to let my anger get out too much. I didn’t want to seem insane, but the other people in the class were like “meh, whatever.” The really religious people in the class who were anti-choice talked about their beliefs and the bible, and how they felt abortion was wrong, even in all cases. I tried to point out to them that believing that was fine, but nowhere do they have the right to take those beliefs and forcefully apply it to the population at large. They didn’t seem to understand this….

The professor asked if there was any way we could make the two sides happy, to which I replied “Yes, if you’re against abortion, then don’t have one. The religious can live their lives the way they wish, and the people who don’t necessarily believe the same thing can live their lives the way they wish. No matter what, the religious do NOT have the right to forcefully rob a woman of sovereignty over her own body.”

This kind of shocked people that I was being forceful. I wanted to tell them not to fuck with me, because this was an issue that I would fight tooth and nail over. I think that would have scared them. I can respect the people who feel just as passionate as me yet with the opposite view, but I have the utmost disdain for those who just don’t care. They’re just the blind, deaf, and dumb masses floating through life going with whichever way the current pulls them. They have no principles to stand by.

3 Responses to “What would you fight for?”

  1. awfrick May 1, 2009 at 4:18 am #

    There are still people in the world that believe abortion is wrong in all cases?

    I’m amazed. That kind of ignorance is incredible to me.

    And no, you’re correct, if there is anything to be passionate about in this world, it is the defense of personal freedom, the defense of choice. The reason the majority frowns about passionate opinion is because it is incredibly easier to coast through life on the path of least resistance than to stand for principle.

  2. Brian May 1, 2009 at 3:33 pm #

    Well, there’s fighting and then there’s fighting. The fact that you are willing to die implies that you’re also willing to kill, as does your pro-choice stance, at least in the eyes of the religious who understand the issue in an intellectual way.

    That sort of violence, and even raw expressions of anger, have no place in the debate. The religious, beyond the occasional denounced wacko, have eschewed violence, and they believe that they are actually trying to save the lives of children. (The moral implications of that choice are a whole ‘nother topic, though.) This fight is one for words and legislation, and on that field, you’re side has carried the day, and I don’t see that being reversed anytime soon.

    As for the apathetic, I completely agree with you, but beware of false dichotomies a understand that some are struggling with the choice. Those who just refuse to engage the issue or who ignore it, well, the less said about them the better.

  3. godlesspaladin May 1, 2009 at 5:46 pm #

    “The fact that you are willing to die implies that you’re also willing to kill…That sort of violence, and even raw expressions of anger, have no place in the debate.”

    As for the second point, yes, I agree. As for the first point, er, I plan on writing a post about that. I really loath the idea of taking another human being’s life. I think I could only do it under certain extremely narrow circumstances; like if someone was trying to kill me, or another person.

    To give you an idea about me,I sometimes fantasize about being in WWI and sharing my bandages and water with an enemy soldier. I know it sounds weird, but that’s how I am. I’m not exactly the kind of person the military would want to draft. :-p

    Yes, I have a lot of anger, but you should understand that my anger comes from truly caring about human beings in a world that seems full of injustice.

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