Stop trying to make church “hip”

24 Mar

Quit trying to make church “hip”. There are a lot of new churches springing up in this country aimed at attracting young people. To do this they try to change the trappings of the church, the music, the dress code, even the way in which the pastors speak to the crowd. Yet despite all this the message is the same: you’re a worthless sinner who is going to burn for eternity in hell if you don’t buy our product by accepting Jesus.

There is nothing hip or new about this message. I can’t stand all the contemporary christian rock/rap music masquerading as cool modern music, when a closer inspection of the lyrics reveals that it’s just a redressing of old religious bullshit. That or redressing church logos to look more modern, like this one:

The basic substance hasn’t changed, and there is nothing “hip” or “current” about a book written by desert goat herders thousands of years ago. There is nothing “hip” about self denial. There is nothing “hip” about guilting yourself, locking yourself away in a convent, purposely starving yourself, denying sexual desires and teaching children to deny theirs, that those natural urges are somehow disgusting, wrong. There is nothing hip in bigotry, or wishfully awaiting the destruction of the planet. Nothing any form of christianity preaches is ever “hip”, since the basic message is still the same, no matter how you dress it.

It just makes you come across as an idiot and fraud, like the kids at christian rock concerts. If you’re going to go to a rock concert, then go to a real one, not this fake lite shit that mimics the style but in the end is something your grandmother approves of. This whole mock rebellion against authority is just ridiculous. It’s set up and condoned by those authorities to keep you in line. Kids can feel as if they’re breaking out on their own, being adventurous, but in the end they’re still tightly on the chain. It’s an illusion just like the rest of the religion. The more things change the more they stay the same.

One Response to “Stop trying to make church “hip””

  1. oddinnuendo April 5, 2009 at 12:07 am #

    This reminds me of the other night. I had a debate with my Catholic friend which went on for a few hours. The other night he invited me to ‘Theology on Tap’ which was basically a Catholic meet at a pub. Sadly, due to lack of beer funds, I couldn’t go.

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