Reenactment Politics

22 Mar

So I just got home from Military Through the Ages (MTA) which is a timeline event (multiple groups from different periods set up in a chronological order) hosted in Jamestown VA, and I am exhausted. I didn’t have sun block (mistake) and so I covered my self by just standing around in armor most of the day trying to lure people into our camp. Wearing turnshoes that were a size too small and standing on wooden pastons (attachable wooden soles) which were also too short on me heels left my entire body aching.

Besides all that the event went REALLY well. The weather was perfect, clear skies and a bit on the cool side. Usually every year it rains horribly, giving MTA the other meaning, Mud up To your Ass.

The only thing that sucked during the event was the politics. Normally I love politics, but when it comes to friends and living history groups, I HATE it. I’m a realitivley new member in my group, and so sometimes I still feel like I have to prove myself; usually by doing as many chores as possible, but then it’s no longer any fun for me, it’s like work that I pay to go be a part of. (I’ve only been in the group for 2-3 years but I’ve been doing living history for almost a decade)

Yet the biggest stressor has to be group to group politics. A few years ago I left a group I spent 6 years with because I felt I’d taken enough bullshit from the head lady of the group. (She ran several people out of the group over the 6 years, just being a total bitch) The sad thing is I really like the other head of the group, a guy she shares a house with. It was great growing up in living history with him around.

I haven’t talked to him since I left the group in protest of her. Unfortunately for me, they’ve started coming to MTA the past couple of years with another group. Our time periods are far enough apart that we’re not camped next to each other, but we’re still close enough to see one another.

It’s been forever, but I still avoid her like the plauge. I’m not scared of her, I just hate confrontation. I’d always be purposely looking in the other direction if she walked by, if not just go inside a tent all together. I just wish I could see the old guy again and ask how he was doing, but the politics of it kinda prevent me from stopping by.

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