Support our [christian] troops

13 Mar

When I’m not at college I’m back at my hometown which happens to be near the largest naval port in the world, and as such a lot of people have the “Support our troops” yellow ribbons on their cars. This is fine, I’m totally for supporting the brave men and women who fight for us, but what I have a problem with is how these ribbons are used. In case you don’t know, the ribbons look like this:

yellowribbonNotice how it is vertical, that’s because it’s a play on the idea of tying a yellow ribbon around a tree as a symbol of waiting for a loved one to return home, like a soldier.  The problem is, I see a lot of people turning it sideways, in which case it looks like a christian fish:

yellowribbon2Now I’m pretty sure some people don’t turn it sideways intentionally because they think it looks like the christian fish, but I’m sure some people do. We are after all fighting Muslim extremists…. But the US military, despite all the evangelizing that has been going on for decades, in not an official christian force, and there are plenty of atheists out there fighting and dying to keep America safe. Turning the ribbon on the side just really grinds my gears…

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