It’s ok to lose faith in god

10 Mar

Losing faith in god is often portrayed as a sad and negative thing. It seems like people view it with a sense of anguish when someone looses their faith. But why?

I guess people equate faith with hope. Some people are so fragile that they can’t stand the idea that this is all there is, and so they cling to anything because it gives them hope.  Without their belief in something more they despair. (But this depends on the person, I personally know FAR more happy atheists than sad cynical ones)

As for why it’s viewed as a negative thing, I think it’s because of ignorance. Some people assume that without your faith you lose all moral basis. (So as to not repeat myself, see my other posts on morality as to why this idea is bullshit)

In reality, loosing faith can be a very good thing. It’s part of growing up and out of childish fantasies. It is also very liberating! The realization that you alone are responsible for your actions, that you have control over your life and that you’re not damned or intrinsically imperfect by some original sin, it’s amazing. Also, life is all the more wonderful and precious because it only comes once. If you had to spend eternity existing, existence would be worthless. And then to think of how lucky you are to be alive in the first place, of all the things that could have happened differently from the beginning of existence that would have made you not exist, it’s mind blowing.

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