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The BS idea of “secular society” in America

24 Feb

I hear the phrase “secular society” thrown around a lot. Usually the people I hear using it are saying it with a tone of disgust in their voice, as if the secular society was keeping their religion from breathing easy, free from scrutiny or any kind of restraints.

So what exactly is a secular society? Well when I asked google to define it, all it did was point me to ” Consumer Behavior: Building Marketing Strategy“, a textbook. According to the textbook, a secular society is

“A society where the educational system, government, and political process are not controlled by a religious group, and most people’s daily behaviors are not guided by strict religious guidelines.”

So does America fit that profile? Sorta. Currently the educational system in this country is under attack by the “Intelligunt [sic] Design” people, or christian creationists in wolves’ clothing. Instead of teaching our children critical thinking skills, they rather have them stop questioning, give up, and say “god did it.” They purposely misuse the word “theory” and have no testable hypothesis of their own….but I digress….

As for the government and the political process, while they aren’t official theocracies like Iran, religion plays a big role, especially since the days of the Reagan administration. While Article VI section 3 of the U.S. Constitution clearly states “no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States” none the less, religious tests specifically baring Atheists were written into the state constitutions of Arkansas, Maryland, Texas, Massachusetts, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee.  While the 14th amendment to the Constitution also prohibits these, it is damn near impossible for an Atheist to get elected to public office if they are open about their Atheism. (Only 1 congressman is openly Atheist, Rep. Pete Stark (D-Calif.) and I doubt he was openly Atheist when he was running)

According to a study done by the University of Minnesota in 2006, Atheists are the least trusted group in American society…..our “secular society”…. Perhaps the bible should read “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for an Atheist to to get elected in America.

The funny thing about this “secular society” is that the majority of the people who make up society aren’t secular. According to the CIA World Fact Book , 84% of the country is religious, and of that 84%, 78.5% is christian! Of that 78.5%, over a full third go to church every Sunday!

The scary thing is that the Republican Party has been taken over by the christian right. Slowly ever since the Reagan years the christian right has infiltrated the party, moving it farther and farther into the right. We just go over 8 years of an Evangelical christian president, arguably one of the worst presidents in history. Just this past election season Gov. Sarah Palin, another christian fundamentalist, ran for vice president. Had McCain been elected, she would have been a heart beat away from running the most powerful nation on earth……this coming from a person who doesn’t believe in evolution, thinks the world is only 6,000 years old, and that the Iraq war is “God’s will“…. Even scarier, this woman, if you can call her that (her view’s about a woman’s rights are atrocious) isn’t going away any time soon. Something tells me she’ll be back. “Huckabee/Palin 2012″…..*shudders*

So what is “secular” in this “secular society”? Well the courts perhaps. They do require empirical evidence before they convict someone of a crime, and until then the people making the charge/claim have the burden of proof….so I guess that’s secular. You can’t really just walk in as say “I have faith that the defendant is guilty!” That type of reasoning might work with the religious, but not in the real world. Unfortunately, the same christian right that has taken over the Republican party has slowly been working to “infiltrate the profession [of lawyers and judges]” as the bigot Jerry Falwell pointed out when talking about “liberty” “university’s” “law” “school”.

The same logic and reasoning behind requiring observable evidence is the cornerstone of science, so I guess that makes science secular too. (But not if the ID idiots have their way) Science is everywhere in our society…well almost. It’s given you everything you use, from the computer you’re reading this on, to the fiber in your clothes, to your car, house, electricity, and medicine that makes you feel better and can even save your life. Yet nobody remembers that when they’re trashing our “secular society.”

Evil fools…..

21 Feb

Psalm 14:1 “The fool hath said in his
heart, There is no God. They are corrupt,
they have done abominable works, there is
none that doeth good.”

I came across some youtube video bashing atheists a little while ago, and they put up this bible verse. I just thought I’d point out that the two biggest philanthropists in American history were Atheist/Agnostics. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.  Source

Here is a list of famous Atheists.

On that list are people like Susan B. Anthony, Thomas Payne, Douglas Adams, Hemingway, Ayn Rand, Ben Franklin, and Galileo. And everything these people have done is evil? What about all the Atheist scientists and doctors working every day to cure diseases? I don’t see religious leaders out there trying to stop cancer, or AIDS, or any other disease….

Oh, and I thought I should include a list of Atheist charities, working to make the world a better place:

Secular Charities and Aid groups:
a simple way to provide students in need with resources that our public schools often lack.
lets you connect with and loan money to unique small businesses in the developing world.

The Union of Concerned Scientists
The leading science-based non-profit working for a healthy environment and safer world.

American Red Cross
The American Red Cross, a humanitarian organization led by volunteers, guided by its Congressional Charter and the Fundamental Principles of the International Red Cross Movement, will provide relief to victims of disasters and help people prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies. The USA’s premier emergency response organization, over 91% of Red Cross spending is on charitable services.

American Civil Liberties Union
The mission of the ACLU is to preserve all of constitutional protections and guarantees relating to First Amendment rights, including the freedom to practice religion and the freedom not to have religion rammed down our throats, equal protection, due process, and right to privacy.

United Nations Children’s Fund
UNICEF mobilizes political will and material resources to help countries, particularly developing countries, ensure a “first call for children” and to build their capacity to form appropriate policies and deliver services for children and their families. UNICEF provides emergency and disaster relief.

Doctors without Borders
Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international independent medical humanitarian organization that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, natural and man-made disasters, and exclusion from health care in nearly 70 countries.

Amnesty International
AI’s vision is of a world in which every person enjoys all of the human rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international human rights standards.
In pursuit of this vision, AI’s mission is to undertake research and action focused on preventing and ending grave abuses of the rights to physical and mental integrity, freedom of conscience and expression, and freedom from discrimination, within the context of its work to promote all human rights.

Oxfam International
Oxfam International is a confederation of 12 organizations working together with over 3,000 partners in more than 100 countries to find lasting solutions to poverty, suffering and injustice. The Oxfams operate in over 100 countries worldwide working with local partners to alleviate poverty and injustice.

The Nature Conservancy
The Nature Conservancy is a leading international, nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the diversity of life on Earth. An environmental group that protects natural habitats and the wildlife within them. Focuses on “science-based” initiatives.

Population Connection
Population Connection is the national grassroots population organization that educates young people and advocates progressive action to stabilize world population at a level that can be sustained by Earth’s resources. Works against faith-based policies that are supported by the Religious Right.

DefCon: Campaign to Defend the Constitution
DefCon is an online grassroots movement combating the growing power of the religious right. It includes a blog on religious freedom issues, action alerts, and in-depth articles on scientific, religious, and legal issues of the day.

The SEED foundation
National nonprofit that establishes urban public boarding schools to prepare students from underserved communities for success in college.

Project Peanut Butter
Project Peanut Butter is a therapeutic feeding program for malnourished children in Malawi and Sierra Leone, on the continent of Africa. It was founded by Professor Mark Manary, M.D., a pediatrician at St. Louis Children’s Hospital and a professor of pediatric medicine at Washington University School of Medicine.

Electronic Frontiers Foundation
When our freedoms in the networked world come under attack, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is the first line of defense. Blending the expertise of lawyers, policy analysts, activists, and technologists, EFF achieves significant victories on behalf of consumers and the general public. EFF fights for freedom primarily in the courts, bringing and defending lawsuits even when that means taking on the US government or large corporations.

Mercy corps
Mercy Corps exists to alleviate suffering, poverty and oppression by helping people build secure, productive and just communities.

Our programs serve people who have been economically, politically, or otherwise marginalized. We change our program approach to relate to their culture and circumstances, reaching out in very different ways, for example, to nomads in Tibet, women in Tanzania, or indigenous Mayans in Guatemala. Our aim is to build a bridge of compassion between our donors and the people we serve — people around the world who have the fewest resources.

International Peace Institute
The International Peace Institute (IPI) formerly International Peace Academy is an independent, international institution dedicated to promoting the prevention and settlement of armed conflict between and within states through policy research and development.

Just some food for thought…..

Atheists and leading a proper life….

20 Feb

So today I had a short confrontation with my religions professor. After class she made a comment about how not believing in god gives you license to do whatever you want. I pointed out that this was not true, and wrote her the following letter, pointing out statistics of Atheists in prison, and divorce rates, along with religiosity’s correlation to the Human Development Index. The only license not believing in god gives you is the license to sleep in on Sunday….

Here it is:

Religion                                    % of Divorce
Jews                                                     30%
Born-Again Christians                 27%
Other Christians                             24%
Atheist/Agnostic                           21%


As for the prison statistics: (in 2001)

76.6% – Christian                                                <———*
19.1% – No Religion/Refused to Answer
1.3% – Jewish                                                     <———-
0.7% – Other/Not Specified
0.5% – Muslim/Islamic                                         <———-
0.5% – Buddhist
0.4% – Atheist                                                    <———-*
0.3% – Hindu
0.05% – Native American
0.04% – Bahai
0.027% – Sikh
0.026% – Scientology
0.01% – Santeria
0.005% – Rastafarian

Source: American Religious Identification Survey, The Graduate Center, New York  

If you remember, one class I pointed out that there was a correlation between countries with low religiosity, and higher scores on the Human Development Index. I was referring to as study done by Dr. Phil Zuckerman, professor of sociology at Pitzer College in California. Here is his article about his study:

It is pretty long, so here are some excerpts:

“If this often-touted religious theory were correct-that a turning away from God is at the root of all societal ills-then we would expect to find the least religious nations on earth to be bastions of crime, poverty, and disease and the most religious nations to be models of societal health. A comparison of highly irreligious countries with highly religious countries, however, reveals a very different state of affairs. In reality, the most secular countries-those with the highest proportion of atheists and agnostics-are among the most stable, peaceful, free, wealthy, and healthy societies. And the most religious nations-wherein worship of God is in abundance-are among the most unstable, violent, oppressive, poor, and destitute.”

“The 2004 United Nations’ Human Development Report, which ranks 177 countries on a “Human Development Index,” measures such indicators of societal health as life expectancy, adult literacy, per-capita income, educational attainment, and so on. According to this report, the five top nations were Norway, Sweden, Australia, Canada, and the Netherlands. All had notably high degrees of organic atheism. Furthermore, of the top twenty-five nations, all but Ireland and the United States were top-ranking non-believing nations with some of the highest percentages of organic atheism on earth. Conversely, the bottom fifty countries of the “Human Development Index” lacked statistically significant levels of organic atheism.”

“Concerning international poverty rates, the United Nations Report on the World Social Situation (2003) found that, of the forty poorest nations on earth (measured by the percentage of population that lives on less than one dollar a day), all but Vietnam were highly religious nations with statistically minimal or insignificant levels of atheism.”

“Regarding homicide rates, Oablo Fajnzylber et al., in a study reported in the Journal of Law and Economics (2002), looked at thirty-eight non-African nations and found that the ten with the highest homicide rates were highly religious, with minimal or statistically insignificant levels of organic atheism. Conversely, of the ten nations with the lowest homicide rates, all but Ireland were secular nations with high levels of atheism”

“In sum, countries with high rates of organic atheism are among the most societally healthy on earth, while societies with nonexistent rates of organic atheism are among the most destitute. The former nations have among the lowest homicide rates, infant mortality rates, poverty rates, and illiteracy rates and among the highest levels of wealth, life expectancy, educational attainment, and gender equality in the world.”

As you can see, lack of god does not lead to free tickets to commit whatever crimes you want. If you recall, earlier in class I pointed out that the 10 commandments did not make killing, stealing, lying, and adultery wrong, they were wrong before they were ever written down in stone. Dr. Richard Dawkins goes into the evolutionary reasons for morality in his books “The God Delusion” and “The selfish gene”.  To save you a trip to the library I found a very short video of Dawkins explaining evolution’s role in shaping humanity’s innate moral.

I’d also have to ask, if hypothetically life without god gives a person license to do anything, why don’t we see Atheists flying planes into buildings, or bombing abortion clinics, or stealing millions from gullible people like televangelists, or going on shooting sprees through the mall?

What about the rest of god’s creation?

18 Feb

Sitting in my comparative religions class, we were covering the early history of the jewish people. God is constantly intervening on their behalf, or punishing them, or telling them to massacre a specific group of people. But this made me wonder, while god is busy taking an extreme personal interest in the lives and fortunes of his little creation, what else is going on in the universe? I mean, the entire bible is focused just on events on earth.

The entire “world” of the bible is restricted to earth and the stars that happen to be visible to the naked eye given our location in the galaxy. But this is only a meer fraction of existence! The galaxy is so incredibly vast, more so than primitive people could ever possibly imagine.

Did you ever stop to wonder why the bible and god seems to be restricted to this small space? That it might be because that small space is all that was know to the people who invented god and wrote the bible? When god is commanding Isaac to kill his son, what’s happening in the Andromeda galaxy? Or the Spindle Galaxy? Here’s a list of other galaxies out there. Entire galaxies!!!! And these are just the ones we know about. What was god doing then? Why aren’t any of these mentioned in the bible?

Anti-religion gone too far….

14 Feb

The other day an Atheist friend of mine told me about a friend of his who goes around pulling up crosses off of the highway. You know, the little white crosses placed by family members of someone who died there…That makes me sick. Religion gets on my nerves, but he has no right to do that. It’s so disrespectful to the family. Government placed religious monuments on public land is one thing, but personal crosses for a dead loved one? Give me a break….


11 Feb

This post will differ completely from the normal topic of my blog. This post is about game/sci-fi/fantasy archetypes. Now I’m not a hardcore gamer, nor do I play World of Warcraft, or Dungeons and Dragons, so forgive me if I over simplify your favorite race/whatever.

It seems to me that there are usually in fantasy three main classes, with lots of differentiations flowing from those classes. I’m talking about elves, wizards/mages, and fighters. Elves usually are all about stealth, speed, agility, and ranged attack. Wizards/mages usually just have ridiculous colorful spells that defy the laws of nature (it is magic after all), and fighters usually beat the shit out of things. Here are some typical representations:


You see variations of these three archetypes everywhere. I personally LOVE the third. I love a fighter, covered head to toe in armor, charging into the center of the fight causing as much damage as possible, and just soaking up the damage in return. It’s manly and a force to be reckoned with.

Elves and mages piss me off, and so do their variants. To me they’re just a bunch of wimps.  I’m not a real man so I’m going to dance around over here with my tights and my bow, hiding in the bushes shooting arrows at you! Or the mage who is the over educated nerd that can’t build muscle to save his life. All he has is a cloak and if you hit him with a stick you’d probably break his arm. Instead he just waves his staff and does something messed up with pretty, colorful magic. He has to rely on that to fight his battles for him.

Two games that have sort of these dynamics are Starcraft and Warhammer 40k. (regular Warhammer would fit better, but I haven’t played those yet)

As for Starcraft, we have Protoss, Terran, and Zerg. Protoss are basically advanced space elves. Along with the Eldar in Warhammer 40k:


The Zerg bring up another archetype that I hate, the gooey, spikey, organ like thing. It’s just a disgusting bug covered in spikes.

zerglingYes, it might be a bad ass bug, but it doesn’t fit my personal tastes. Along the same vain (pun intended) as the spike theme are things like Chaos from Warhammer 40k:

chaos-marineThese guys bug me too. I’m just not into the whole dirty, demonic, spikey horde thing. This includes Orks! The idiots in haphazard armor with shit that’s practically duct-taped together. Sorry. It’s just barbaric spikes, blood, and more spikes. Yet luckily for me, in both games there are human like bad asses covered in armor.


These guys are well armored, carry a shitload of firepower, and are clean. (well, clean in the sense that they don’t have spikes and shit) I just love the imperial/knight aspect to them.

I guess this bias towards this type of archetype is the combination of me growing up doing 100 years war living history, where I was building a suit of plate armor, and watching Gundam Wing Zero as a kid. I just love Gundam. The mech suits just seemed to exemplify the archetype that I love.

wingzero1The Armored Core serries is also kick ass for this reason.

armored-coreIt’s just something about the raw power behind these things. It’s extremely hard to explain. If you ever get to wear a full suit of plate armor, and I’m talking real armor, not wussy plastic, leather, or rubber, you just get this feeling that you can take on anything. You’re a juggernaut. I guess that’s the word I’ve been looking for, juggernaut.

There are a few things in real life that I think this archetype draws its inspiration from:



“Liberty” “University” is neither…

10 Feb

The other day my girlfriend and I were driving down to the mall, passing “liberty” “university” when at a stop light a group of liberty students started angrily honking at me. They saw my atheist bumper sticker and gave me the finger. How christian of them. Who would Jesus flick off? I gave them the finger back as a knee-jerk reaction but instantly wished I had been more witty and given them the peace sign instead…

“Liberty” “university” is a sore on Lynchburg. Jerry Falwell, after being expelled from Lynchburg College for alcoholism, eventually established this christian extremist “school” and went about buying up as much of the town as he could. He also strong armed local businesses to conform to his will. A local movie theater was moved to be closer to LU in order so the students there could go see a movie and be back before their 11’oclock curfew.

Naming the “school” liberty” is some kind of Orwellian double speak joke. One look at “The liberty way” (their student hand book) shows that liberty has nothing to do with it. (I posted a link to another site that has the list, their website PDF is down at the time being) Here are some excerpts

1 Reprimand

Curfew violation (1 additional reprimand for each half-hour late until 2:00 a.m.)

4 Reprimands + Written Warning

Absence from required meeting

Disturbance/non-participation during Convocation

Dress/hair code violation: male or female

Horseplay (plus financial restitution)

Improper personal contact (anything beyond hand-holding)

Improper sign out

Missing Convocation

Music code violation

Outside residence hall after curfew

Unauthorized borrowing (plus financial restitution)

6 Reprimands + $35 Fine

Attendance at a dance [WTF?!?!]

Direct disobedience/disrespect


Improper social behavior

Possession and/or use of tobacco

Visiting residence lobby or entryway of opposite sex on campus or allowing the same

12 Reprimands + $70 Fine

Attendance at, possession or viewing of, an “R,” “NC-17” or “X”-rated movie


Entering the space above ceiling tiles [happen often?]

Obscene, profane or abusive language or behavior

Out of residence hall overnight or substantial portion of the night without permission (after 2:00 a.m.)

Participation in an unauthorized petition or demonstration [1st Amendment rights? WTF.]

Possession and/or viewing of pornography

Students of the opposite sex visiting alone at an off-campus residence

Visiting the residence hallway of the opposite sex

18 Reprimands + $100 Fine

(regardless of previously paid fines) + 18 hours Disciplinary Community Service + 50% Scholarship Reduction

Association with those consuming alcohol

Failure to properly identify oneself

Racial harassment

Sexual harassment (i.e., unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors or other conduct or comments of a sexual nature)

Sexual misconduct and/or any state of undress

Visiting bedroom of the opposite sex on/off campus or allowing the same

30 Reprimands + $150 Fine

(regardless of previously paid fines) + 30 hours Disciplinary Community Service + possible Administrative Withdrawal and/or possible 100% Scholarship Reduction. NOTE: For each accumulation of six (6) or more reprimands after 30, an additional $150 fine will be assessed.

Abortion [wow….]

Failure of three (3) Christian/Community Services without reconciliation

Immorality [meaning what?]

Involvement with witchcraft, seances or other satanic or demonic activity [Hahahahaha! This is hilarious!]

Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages

Spending the night with a person of the opposite sex

Two or more individuals of the opposite sex together in motel room

“Liberty” alright….wow….just wow. They’re really big on the no sex thing. The ironic twist is that a lot of parents send their poor kids to this jesus freak “school” to “pray the gay away” and the kids are locked up in dorms with all the same sex…..priceless.

As for the “university” part. The “school’s” biology department denies evolution. How the hell can you have biology without evolution? You can’t! Modern medicine and science are built upon the idea of evolution. The scary thing is I’ve heard they want to try and create a medical doctor program….A doctor that doesn’t believe your disease will evolve if you don’t take all your medication, and that if you die under his care you’ll go to a better place……wow.

The “school” also claims to have dinosaur bones that are 3,ooo years old….That’s a disgrace to science and education. You can see Dawkins go off when he hears about this here. The place is disgusting. Founded by the son of a bootlegger who shot his brother, Jerry Falwell is a horrendous bigot. He even went on to say that 9/11 was god’s will. The scary thing is Falwell told Legal Affairs magazine that the LU “school” of law is “training lawyers to infiltrate the profession to return the country to a Judeo-Christian model.”

The “school” also leaves a physical scare on the town of Lynchburg. They cut down a huge section of trees on a local hill to put up a tacky “LU” on the mountain top:

The sad thing is, the school gets their students to change their address to Lynchburg so they can vote in local elections. The influx of about 25,000 more votes gives the school a lot of power to shape elections in the small town. I’m not sure if they currently have control of city council through their own chosen alums, but if they do then the council and zoning powers become a rubber-stamp for this extremist group.

Chinese atheism….

4 Feb

So just a moment ago I overheard my girlfriend’s extremely religious friend recount her missionary trip to China. She told of a very emotional moment for her, standing on some tower where it was ok for christianity to be taught, looking across the border into a region where christianity was illegal, where you could be killed for it. She was handing out bibles to the Chinese people, who she said would sit down and avidly read it.

What do I think of this? Well, I hate proselytizing, and I doubt all the Chinese are as eager about christianity as she makes them out to be, but I can’t help but feel bad for the Chinese.  Now I’d love a world without religion, but making religion illegal like the Chinese have is the wrong way to go. You can’t get rid of something by making it illegal. It didn’t work during prohibition, it doesn’t work for drugs, it doesn’t work for abortions, and it doesn’t work for religion. By making something illegal you only make the situation worse.

I have to wonder about the Chinese leaders. Most Atheists are humanists, at least the ones I know. A humanist would be appalled at the Chinese human rights violations. I think it comes down to the fact that there are good Atheists and bad, just like there are good theists and bad. I also think it has more to do with power rather than religion. I think it’s interesting that theists point to Atheist China and go “Look! Look how horrible they are!!!” Yes, the Chinese Atheist leaders are horrible. But blood for blood, Atheist China has only been around since 1946. Theism has been around for millenniums! How many more people have died from theism of some flavor or another? Certainly more than those killed in China. I’m not justifying what the Chinese do, I think it’s despicable, I’m just pointing out that it’s not an apples to apples case…

Freedom of Speech and Religion

4 Feb

I read an interesting article today. A Dutch MP is in trouble for making a video criticising islam. In the video he talks about how they are like nazis and extremely violent. Ironically he is now under 24/7 protection because he has received various death threats…. Reminds me a lot of these guys:

“The Amsterdam appeals court has ordered the prosecution of member of parliament Geert Wilders for inciting hatred and discrimination, based on comments by him in various media on Muslims and their beliefs…”

Now I don’t know exactly what he said in that video. If he was specifically advocating physical harm against muslims because of their beliefs, then that is wrong and he should be prosecuted. However, if he was NOT advocating physical harm then he is perfectly within the limits of universal free speech.

Wilders had this to say about the matter:  “Participation in the public debate has become a dangerous activity. If you give your opinion, you risk being prosecuted.”

This brings up a much larger issue. Where is the boundary between free speech and religion? Is there even a boundary? Should there be one? As long as you are not advocating violence against a person or a group, I say fair game.  You have the right to believe what you want. You do NOT have the right not to be offended.

The really funny thing is, if Wilders was not advocating violence, the people he was criticising sure are. There is no discussion about this for them. You either submit to islam or they will fight you. This is not a problem that is limited to the Netherlands, islamic extremists are currently trying to push sharia law in the UK. Sharia law would allow muslims to enforce their barbaric law code on their women and other citizens. Religion is not something that can be reasoned with. The people threatening Wilders’ life are not willing to compromise. They have god on their side. (Or so they believe) and anything less than having it all their way is blasphemy to that god.

Another ironic thing, at the bottom of the article was this:

more violenceMore violence and misery in the name of islam…..

An atheist’s lament

3 Feb

I’m an Atheist extremist. I guess there is no way around it. I think I might be crazy. If I’m not crazy then I must be wrong. At least that’s what everyone around me seems to be telling me. I don’t know what to do, I feel like a teenager again. People are telling me I’m wrong for reasons I can’t understand. What I think and believe seem common sense enough to me, but for some reason unknown to me, everything I think is apparently wrong.

My dream would be a world without religion, but I know that won’t happen any time soon. People on-line excluded, I’m the only person I know who really dislikes religion. I know other Atheists, but none of them are anti-religionists too. They just don’t seem to think religion is a negative, or don’t care.

I feel like the only one who looks around and sees all this bad shit that is happening in the world directly because of religion, but everyone else around me wants to just wants to ignore it all together. There were old men passing out bibles today outside my cafeteria. They weren’t even full bibles, only the new testament. I got really mad at them and when they offered me one I told them, “No thanks, fairy tales are for kids…” Am I the only one who gets upset at the idea of them filling people’s head with nonsense and superstition? Perhaps I’m just an evil asshole.

Sometimes I wish I could be religious. Sometimes I wish I could just give in and stop thinking. It would feel so nice to belong for once. To not be screamed at, have bumper stickers stolen, or to be given dirty looks. I really hate feeling like an outcast 24/7. Everywhere I look I see religion. It’s constantly in my face, and thus I am constantly reminded that I am socially unacceptable. It’s ok to pass out bibles, but it’s not ok to pass out copies of “The god Delusion.” Why? Why is it not ok? Because Atheists are wrong? Evil? Surely some flavor of the two. Sometimes I really hate being an Atheist…..