The idea of the soulmate is ridiculous

7 Jan

This is not about atheism as much as my other posts, but it does have a connection.  There is no evidence for the existence of the soul. Yes, we have consciousness, but that is explainable via neurons firing in the brain, and everyday science comes closer to better understanding that organ.

So since we don’t have “souls”, i.e. magical separate entities created at the time of our birth, we don’t have “soul mates” either. I’m not saying there isn’t a person out there that you can feel an extremely close connection to, it’s obvious that there is, but what there isn’t is one person that a magical higher power has designated as your “other half”.

It’s extremely romantic, but upon closer inspection is absurd. I’d imagine when most westerners think of their soulmate, they abstractly think of them somewhere in the western world, yet all one has to do to see that this concept is absurd is to look outside the western world.

China is a perfect example of why not everyone has a soulmate. China is facing a demographic crisis. Their “one child policy” implemented in the 1980s has led to the abortion and mistreatment of millions of women.

By 2012 China will have about 40 to 60 MILLION more men than women. source This proves that there is not a single “soulmate” for every person on the planet. That is, unless you want to make the unwarranted claim that happy endings only exist for western couples….


3 Responses to “The idea of the soulmate is ridiculous”

  1. A Pilgrim January 7, 2009 at 7:11 pm #

    “Yes, we have consciousness, but that is explainable via neurons firing in the brain..”

    It is not actually able to be explained simply by neurons firing in the brain. There’s a chance that it might be, but we are far from being able to claim that. A really good place to look is in the Philosophy of Computing, and more specifically into the philosophical research that goes into AI (Turing test, etc.) They’ve been able to produce computers that exhibit behavior as if they might have consciousness, but not able to actually understand or replicate consciousness itself.

  2. zachary tallackson March 11, 2012 at 11:52 pm #

    Since we do not have souls, what makes us different from a worm or a squirrel, humans have an amazing ability to be different, diverse, and individuals. That is how you can tell us apart from animals or insects, by our uniqueness in personality. And, unfortunately the only reason china is the way it is, is because of human error and sin, and so…. yes because of human nature and error there is not a perfect soulmate is not necessarily sought out and found. Also most people doubt the existence of true love because they did not choose the right person God wanted them to pick and because of unfaithfulness and betrayal. But one of the main reasons i support a soul mate and true love for most people is because I have seen it in so many marriages including my own parents wo have been married for 32 years. God did not want abortion and mistreatment of women but that is we have created, not God. And believing there is no God is even worse, there is no hope for life after death so what does that make us? Are we pointless empty shells with no hope? What could have made the earth, molecules, our conscience, and our personalities… could they just appear out of no where? Does that make sense? Why is every person on earth different even though there are billions of us! These are unanswerable questions that no one can answer not even science. Of course i can not 100% prove there is a God just like you can not prove there is not a God, but everything just seems more logical and sensible with God. It is a depressing existence to believe there is no God.

  3. relationshipxray September 6, 2013 at 10:09 am #

    For me SOUL is actually just a term that is trying to sum up a number of characteristics that a human being poses, that is impossible to define otherwise.

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