What some christians and atheists have in common

1 Jan

I wanted to take a short time out as my first post of 2009 to say that there is something some of us have in common, despite extreme religious differences. Although I might sound like I believe religion is pure evil, I know not all of it is.

One of the often preached topics in religion is that of charity, and trying to help your fellow human beings. Many ignore this, but for the few who actually do try to lend a hand, be it at a soup kitchen, building a school in South America, or giving to poor I salute you.

As a humanist my goal is to help see humanity uplifted, suffering decreased, and the standard of living improved.  That’s something that isn’t going to happen over night, and we need all the help we can get.

While we both might think each other is wrong, we can put that on hold to achieve a common goal. Just as long as nobody tries to restrict access to information and all types of health care to the needy. ~_^

Happy New year and best wishes


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