God’s simple plan of Salvation

18 Dec

One of the major unfortunate things about living in Lynchburg is that one often get inundated by religious pamphlets. I found this one in wal-mart and decided to look at it more closely. It’s titled “God’s simple plan of Salvation” by Lifegate inc.  The pamphlet tells me that “I must first realize that I am a sinner.”  Secondly, because I’m a sinner I’m “condemned to die and burn forever in hell.” It sounds a lot like the classic advertising strategy of telling a person they can’t live without a product, and they badly need it. (Literally in this case)

This is where it gets really confusing. The pamphlet says that god (the guy who’s rig this whole existence thing up, with me as a worthless sinner doomed to suffer for eternity) loves me so much that he sacrificed his only begotten son, and that “jesus had to shed his blood and die.” It then points out the rules that jesus was operating under that forced him to have to die: “…without shedding of blood is no remission.” [Hebrews 9:22]  Ok, now wait just a second. God (at the same time also jesus) set up the universe, they set up these sick “there must be blood” rules. It’s god! He’s all powerful! Why does he go through all these dramatics? Why not just forgive us all outright, instead of killing his only begotten son? (And why does he only have one? Can’t he make more? And from where was he “begotten”?)

Why not skip the whole sin thing and just make us perfect? If all he wants is for us to love him, why not just make us his personal little fan club? What? Is he bored? Being omniscient he must have know that by making us sinners some of us wouldn’t repent, or might grow up before jesus came, and that all those people would suffer and burn for eternity. It’s really fucking sick honestly.

The funniest bit is when the pamphlet states ” Although we cannot understand how, [jesus died in our place]. It’s true! God cannot lie!” Now who says this is what god said? The bible? That was written by a bunch of men over the course of four centuries, with various parts edited out and altered by the medieval church councils, not to mention scribal error. The pamphlet also says “If this is not perfectly clear, read this track over and over again until it is and don’t put it down”  Don’t you brainwash people by telling them something over and over again?


2 Responses to “God’s simple plan of Salvation”

  1. KD December 19, 2008 at 9:17 am #

    Hey – love your blog – living in SW Virginia and traveling to/from Lynchburg frequently – I understand your situation rather well. Thanks for the blog, keep up the good work, and hang in there!

    • godlesspaladin December 19, 2008 at 5:07 pm #

      Hey, thanks a lot! 🙂

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