The Politically Incorrect Guide to….

17 Dec

So today while walking through my local Barnes & Nobles I stumbled across a little gem called “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam”. Now granted, I can’t stand Islam just like I can’t stand any religion, but this was ridiculous. The book, in fact the entire P.I.G. series is written from the viewpoint of a evangelical xenophobic high-school drop-out with a severe case of pompous hubrism. The entire book focuses on how evil Islam is, and how Christianity and the west are the world’s only salvation. Hell, the cover even goes so far as to say the crusades were a DEFENSIVE war! Excuse me, but how the fuck is marching all the way from western Europe to invade the middle east defensive?And don’t give me any of that “pre-eminent strike” bullshit. For comprehensive list of reasons why the first crusade was launched, please visit the “online reference book for medieval studies” Take note, “defense” is not on that list.

I decided to look up a little more on the PIG series (an acronym that I think fits very well) and found another diamond in the rough. /sarcasm “The PIG bible.” The cover of this book makes some interesting claims including “All the enemies of the bible are enemies of true reason and tolerance” Sorry, I just choked. Enemies of true reason and tolerance? Isn’t there a “no true Scotsman” fallacy in there somewhere? And how am I intolerant if I don’t accept the intolerance of the bible? It goes on to say that the bible “promotes human[*] freedom”. *Only if you consider slaves, women, and infidels as not humans.


One Response to “The Politically Incorrect Guide to….”

  1. Bill January 19, 2014 at 12:13 am #

    Ridiculous! The political correct crowd is trying to erase God from our culture. I wrote about it today in the article “Political Correctness = Godlessness”

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