Allow me to introduce myself

12 Dec

Hello world, please allow me to introduce myself.

I was raised a methodist in south east Virginia where around the age of twelve I became “born-again”.  My parents were by no means overly religious and found this conversion peculiar yet benevolent. It was at the same time that I discovered my calling in life, the middle ages. It was also at twelve when I joined my first medieval re-enactment group, started taking armor making and longsword lessons, and built my first large trebuchet.

Between the age of sixteen and seventeen I started to question my faith. This was a very hard and scary thing for me to do. The fear of eternal damnation was ever present in my mind. I eventually realized that everything I had been told about god and the afterlife had been told to me by another human being, and that I had only their word to go on.  However, it wasn’t until I  learned about Richard Dawkins in my freshman year of college that I finally broke with my faith.

Despite growing slightly cynical recently, the desire to help people has been a constant throughout my life. Whenever possible I try to show that chivalry isn’t dead. It is out of this sincere desire to lessen humanity’s suffering that a sort of righteous anger towards religion springs. The danger religion poses was driven home to me as I watched the second plane hit the twin towers. Yes, religion can serve as the catalyst for good, yet with that potential comes the potential for evil. As a history major looking back through time, I see that religion has an abysmal track record. The atrocities committed in the name of religion far outweigh the relief it has brought people.

So, this blog will be about two things, being an atheist in America, and all things medieval.

One Response to “Allow me to introduce myself”

  1. Sisyphus Fragment December 12, 2008 at 7:57 am #

    Welcome to the atheist blogosphere!

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